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Terrible Poker Face 2.0 Plus a FREE Scavenger Hunt (God, I really hope you don’t think this is spam…)

This post comes with a bonus scavenger hunt question:
How many Julia Roberts references can I make in 800 words or less?

Ready. Set. GO.


Once upon a time there was a girl who knew only two things for certain:
1. Calling her an awful liar didn’t even begin to cover it because the reality was she didn’t see the point in lying and instead walked around like her life was an open blog.
2. If she didn’t start writing soon, she would implode because you can only tell the same stories to your friends so many times before they crowd fund a trip to Italy, India and Indonesia therapist for you.
Spoiler alert: that girl is me.


So here we are on the five month anniversary of Terrible Poker Face, and I have huge, FANTASTIC news for you… (more…)


I’m beyond excited to finally be up and running on my new and improved website! Thank you to Kelsey Spencer for creating the incredible header and logo. Kelsey does graphic design and illustration. Y’all, she is seriously so talented and she’s a fellow Texas girl so definitely check her out here.

Please be sure to test out your email address in the box to the left and make sure you are subscribed. If you follow me through wordpress, you will have to subscribe again in order to receive email updates from me. Migrating followers is tricky as shit, according to my Digital Manager. And by Digital Manager, I mean my internet-savvy friend whom I pay in my personal favorite form of currency, wine. Y’all didn’t honestly think I did all this on my own, did you? If you did, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new site so if you just want to tell us how obsessed you are with it (we are too) or point out an error or something that could be improved, you can comment on this post or go to the contact page and submit your feedback there.